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Bermuda sod delivery to tulsa and surrounding counties is conducted year round. Bermuda sod is great for full sun areas in your yard. Bermuda sod loves plenty of water. Bermuda sod grows and spreads very quickly. Bermuda so will not do well in shady areas. Bermuda sod when installed correctly will spread from a couple pugs to an entire field.

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Sod can help you get rid of unwanted bare spots in your yard. Bare spots lead to damaged foundations due to erosion. Sod is not only an investment in your property its also an investment in your overall curb appeal.

This will make your outdoor living space more enjoyable and usable for everyone in your home. This will also help to keep unwanted mud and dirt outside.

We install bermuda sod year round. Bermuda sod is great for areas of your yard that receive at least 6 hours of sun. Everywhere else we can see with fescue. Our goal is to help you build your turf and enjoy a full yard year round.

Rock is great for walkways, pathways, and other areas of your yard that do not receive any or very little sunlight.

We also provide mulch by the truckload and also recommend taking care of mulching around the time you clean up your leaves.

Call us for a combination of sod, rock, or mulch delivered, installed or picked up year round

Bermuda sod comes in big rolls for machines and hand rolls for hands. We delivery both big Bermuda rolls and small hand rolls.

Bermuda sod is sold in 400 square foot big rolls and 500 square foot hand rolls.

To order Bermuda sod call 918.928.2631.

Bermuda Sod Loves plenty of sunlight. Sunlight is necessary for all plants to survive. Because bermuda so moves so quickly it needs more food to fuel the activity. Bermuda sod is a very simple grass and will do well in most situations.

We install and deliver bermuda sod year round. Bermuda sod can be installed in literally every type of weather!